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Guess What

Luke Warmcop and Graham Mushnik formed Guess What in 1968 (2005). They started out working indoors only, producing obscur metaphysical music and soundtracks.

Since 1971 (2008) however, the duet have been hitting the stage, performing live a set of instrumental pieces dedicated to Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin - hence their album "Yuri Gagarin - 12 Modern Odes to History's Greatest Spaceman" (on Catapulte Records).

In 1973 (2010), they discovered the mighty "Giallo" cinema and recorded some italian-sounding music. The LP "Mondo Giallo" has just been released on Imagenes Records.

In the meantime, a new focus is keeping them busy: the persian mathematician and astronomer Al-Khawarizmi, and music from the Middle-East. You're in for a surprise...

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