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Going (be)


A skeletal double duo with an openly flowing, subtly psychedelic, immersive and accesible sound. Loosely post-rock, closely allied to improvised, experimental and minimal music. Their universe is all about trance, about time being stretched and transformed in different ways. Electronic sounds weaving textures, while polyrhythmic cells are being laid down, sometimes hard to distinguish who is doing what. This music is one big trip, a voyage into today’s urban stellar system. Going have released 2 LP’s (‘Going I’ and ‘Going II Machinery’) on Silent Water.

They are presenting their release of their 3rd record Going III Disque D'ORgue, out on Silent Water and Meakusma.

João Lobo & Mathieu Calleja - drums / Giovanni Di Domenico & Pak Yan Lau - keyboards, synths, rhodes, electronics