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Ghost in saturn

"GHOST iN SATURN ?" is a darkly spectral concoction wrought from the minds of French artists Guillaume Asseline (aka Moon Pilot) and Malika Nid El Mourid. With inspiration drawn from Patti Smith, Unkle, PJ Harvey, and Serge Gainsbourg, these musical astronomers chart a new course through the outer reaches of the musical solar system. Malika and Moon have been making music together for 13 years in various projects including the band Mashiro, whose music was was used on the soundtrack for the MTV Dirty Sanchez movie, and B-Zero where they produced music with young prison inmates. They have also toured extensively and worked on musical projects in Africa. Formed in 2010 ‘Ghost in Saturn?’ is born of a long held desire to shape and control their own musical vision.With an undoubted cinematic influence, they name Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu, Lars Von Triers, David Lynch, The Cohen Brothers and Scorsese as being key influences. This is music that is elemental, shot through with nocturnal disquiet and bristling with unspoken threats and fears, whilst being powerfully visual in its moods. But what of their unusual name? It could be a movie title, something without obvious musical connotations, or a reference to distant planets and strange worlds far beyond our experience.