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Gator the Alligator + Tuvalu

Gator, The Alligator (PT / Garage Psych Rock)

Gator, the hyperactive alligator has arrived and is ready to release electric shocks in the form of sound waves. Loaded with mystical powers of FUZZ, he promises to hypnotize all those who submit to his spells.
"Life is Boring" is the first step in Gator's life. It represents the constant repetition of events and emotions throughout the entire period of our life, making it sometimes predictable.
The dissatisfaction with the apathy felt by Gator, leads him in search of a new route for the days to come. Based on sounds like FUZZ and Psychedelic Garage Rock, "Life is Boring" is journey in Gator's day-to-day life, and a starting point for the future.


Tuvalu (BE / Psych Rock/Post Punk)

The sound of this band is said to make seeds sprout faster, greedy people sweat smell bad, and helps with baby bird's digestion. Served with a strong belgian beer.
Through our lyrics, a voice is given to plant bulbs to dream about a different season, a drowning person talks about climate change and torture, and a society is accused being manipulative.
TUVALU is formed by Charlotte (Moss Lime), Emy de Nardi (She Said Destroy) and Bárbara C. Branco (PEGA).