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GARDEN OF EYES FREAK OUT! Levi Van Huygevoort :: Naan :: Zuur79 :: dj's Dom Pérignon/Wrench/Boya


Garden of Eyes is the independent underground booking agency for the
Grudgefuck heavy dance assault events, DJ's and live performances,
founded by dutch artist Levi van Huygevoort.

:: Levi Van Huygevoort :: [Nl] (Live Painting !)

LEVI VAN HUYGEVOORT does something unique and he calls it a Live Art
Performance. Witness Levi freak out while he creates a piece of live art
within any amount of time. Often creatively intense but always an
entertaining, mind-bending or eye-opening experience, Levi's Live Art
Performance is a happening you should see!

 :: Naan :: (live) [Be]

Naan is a Belgian Musician born and based in Brussels. 
Basically drummer in ex "Drifting Bears Collective" (renamed "South of no North" for their second release on Humpty Dumpty Records: "Octopussies Liquor Store"). 

Naan is doing music alone in several other styles and occasions, and has been guested for onstage shows and appearances or studio works since several years now. Whenever he's jamming with drums, guitar, synthesizers or composing electronic music in his little beatnik playground, it is always about some kind of lysergic crossover bricolage. 
The guy has been randomly collaborating with Squeaky lobster, The syncopated elevators legacy (aka acid Kirk), Esteban de la Monja (licuadorarecords); Also played with grate honor backing up Ripit, Mike Watt, Steve MacKay (The stooges) and Koonda Holaa (ex Residents, Lydia Lunch); Paul Metzger, Paul Labrecque (ex Sunburned hand of the man), and many more.


-Appearing, mostly tweaked by several famous jam molesters as Christian Fennesz, Burning Star Core or Leyland Kirby, on the last release, "Cedric Stevens - The Syncopated Elevators Legacy". 
A great anthology of SEL followed by powerful remixes.

Contact and

:: Zuur79 :: (live IDM Acid) [Nl]

"ZUUR79 is a live acid/tek improv group. Every show is different, so
get your 303 kicks on and get hazed by a shower of old school acid!"

 :: Dj Dom Pérignon :: [Nl]

"DOM PÉRIGNON drops a perfect crossover between dubstep and drum and
bass, switching back and forth between the genres with ease and comfort,
he steadily keeps the dancefloor's attention!"

 :: Dj Wrench :: [Nl]

"Levi van Huygevoort on the desks for a blend of hiphop, dirty beats and
wobbly basses !"

 :: Djs BOYA :: [Be]

"A bunch of Djs from the Brussels based label / collective BOYA
Entertainment will finish the night for a fine selection of heavy and
electronic music"