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FTRSND Lab: where Brussels' electronic music happens.

The Lab is packed with local music producers and electronic music addicts – we give them a shot. Expect cutting edge live performers. Today's electronic music is no more about pressing "play" and waving arms in the air: we expect live performers truly playing with their soul.

For this 17th edition the lab welcomes Sparkling Bits (live) and residents Polarized and Initial Code

∇ Sparkling Bits
Sparkling Bits is a really good Brussels band that lives under the constant threat of success and does everything to stay in the dark unknowingly. Gathered for the good cause: easy money, organic beer in an eco-cup and commune with living bipedal organisms. Their music has clearly benefited mankind.
Proof?! In 2019 Sparkling Bits receive an A on UNESCO’s nutri-score and the Belgian National Health Board recommended listening to them every day for a ground-braking homeopathic treatment of depression.
(May cause loss of scalp).

∇ Polarized

Polarized is a DJ, producer and sound engineer from Brussels. He has joined FTRSND in the early stages and has organised several events for this collective. His music is a fusion of a cinematic universe, techno and ambient sounds.

∇ Initial Code [InDepth]
Initial Code offers an hybrid musical universe that stands out in a world of uniform four the floor techno. Melding ambient, complexe atmospheres, intricate rythms and industrial sounds. Each of his dj sets represent a carefully narrated story of emotions based on an unique code, inspired of the dna.

Free entrance all night long
Please respect the neighborhood

More info to come soon

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