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FTRSND Lab: where Brussels' electronic music happens.

The Lab is packed with local music producers and electronic music addicts – we give them a shot. Expect cutting edge live performers. Today's electronic music is no more about pressing "play" and waving arms in the air: we expect live performers truly playing with their soul.

For this 14th edition we invite sonøren (live) & Hesh

∇ sonøren:

Sonøren's (Andri Søren) music is largely made from field recordings which form the basis of the textures and atmospheres that personify his sound. Performances are often completely improvised, where he himself doesn't know what will happen in the next 10 minutes. He has performed at Ancienne Belgique, Beursschouwburg, Fuse, Iceland Airwaves, and TEDxBrussels.


∇ Hesh:

Hesh is a traveller. He spent the last few years between Leeds, Brussels, Berlin and is now located in Maastricht.
During all these years he studied music in depth with a specific attention to environmental sound. 
His musical journey started with house music and drifted away to acousmatic music, soundscapes and rhythmically challenging techno. 
Enjoy an unusual dj set that travels through time and space.

Free entrance all night long
Please respect the neighborhood