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FTRSND w/ CEED, Hawkan Keziah, Yedan, Pattrn


FTRSND's collective is happy to invite you once again at Café Central to dance with four of our artists, from ambient soundscapes to deep & rhythmic techno. The resident Yedan is inviting CEED. and our sub-project called Initiate will also be represented by Pattrn & Hawkan. 


Slow or aggressive rhythms, from ambient to techno. The musical universe of CEED. has become darker and hypnotic than ever. A chapter closes, the first words of a new story are written.

► Pattrn

Pattrn started his musical path learning violin at the age of 4.
He discovered electronic sounds and got a real revelation at the age of 12.
So he began to learn piano by himself and went to production a few years later.
In 2005, he organized for the first time a party called "I Need Techno" wich became later "I Need..." to propose a quality alternative to clear channel's I Love Techno.
Being active in the Brussels electronic music scene for years he launched FTRSND collective nearly three years ago and started to co-produce events like Initiate or the Brussels Electronic Marathon.
He's also a member of EpitomeSparkling Bits and Bétøn.

► Yedan

Yedan is a DJ, producer and sound engineer from Brussels. He has joined FTRSND in the early stages and has organised several events for this collective. 
His music is a fusion of a cinematic universe, techno and ambient sounds.

► Hawkan Keziah

Hawkan is a shaman and a sound engineer raised in Brussels. He's a member of FTRSND collective since 2015 and the founder of the community organization called 'Initiate' with Pattrn. His musical universe is a journey between rhythmic sounds and ambient soundscapes, melancholic and voodoo techno.

— Free entrance all night long
— Please respect the neighborhood