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Frown I brown


PHLUTE, BASS, DRUMZ & FAST POETRY ! Stay tuned with the Dodge 330 Booking newsletter


Herbert “Herb Cells da mic jagga” Celis, mc and author of the fierce “WILD BOAR & BULL Brass Band” (cf. Couleur Café 2011) and the “POCKET Brass Band” founded “Frown-I-Brown” in the end of May 2008. The band’s name refers to the “frown eyebrow” (- n) appearing on your forehead when the lyrical cascade starts the pour down.
Frown-I-Brown is hiphop music without a dj. Herb raps over greasy jazzrock grooves similar to the ones sampled in the nineties hiphop from Brooklyn or the Bronx. Bass player Dorian “DeLorean” Palos, drummer Laurent “Lorenzo Vigneroni” Vigneron and flute player Alex “Sir Al” Davidson inject the jazzrock back in hiphop; they ressurect those good old school loops.


When loops and samples all sound the same and too much amped up, better yet seem cloned and contain too much chrome, it’s time to climb up into the attic, fetch that dusty drum kit again, grab a heavy bass guitar and connect a flute to an effect pedal. Get the mc a mic to start off the ceremony! Brief, it’s time for some Frown-I-Brown”.

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