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Electric Offense 7: Ninjato, Cornil, Ultrasex, Abunai



21.00 // Warm up 
22.00 // Ninjato 
23.00 // Ultrasex 
00.30 // Cornil 
01.30 // Abunai

ELECTRIC OFFENSE is back to bring you the biggest beats ever witnessed by this beautiful city of Brussels!

Taking place in the heart of Brussels, this seventh edition is breaking the habit and is hosted by the mythical CAFE CENTRAL, located in the Halles Saint-Géry neighbourhood.

Be prepared for some heavy electric pulses, this edition will be huge!

=========== LIST OF OFFENDERS ============

CORNIL - Modular Filthy Beats
Lurking in the darkest streets of Brussels, CORNIL and his army of wires work hard to transform the musical landscape of the capital, pushing the boundaries of electronic music and modular synths, flirting dangerously with their most obscure endeavours. Rest ensured, Cornil's taste for filthy beats is only matched by the dancing power of his tunes. His latest 5-track "Unmarked Shadows" was released on June 1, 2018 on the French label Antagonist Field. 

NINJATO - Electronica / Glitch Hop / Afro-Bass
NINJATO's music is as sharp as a katana, annealed with the grooviest samples and glitches from the Land of the Rising Sun. Master from the streets of our sister city Ghent, he created the ninja character based on the sounds of Amon Tobin, Eskmo, Loops Haunt & Lorn. His new album "Studying War for Peaceful Reasons" was released on April 9, 2018 on the label Caoutchou Records.

ULTRASEX - Synthwave / French Touch / 3D Visuals
ULTRASEX comes to bring you the most amazing sounds and visuals from a hypothetical retrofuture, where augmentative brain implants make the norm and where humans only reproduce with robots (wait, was it a robot??). Their visuals will hypnotize you while their music will make your body shake like never before.

ABUNAI - Danger Techno
When coming to this world, ABUNAI only had one objective: collect the most dangerous tunes from the techno world and assemble them into marvellous DJ sets to which neither your ears nor body will resist. His performances are always welcomed with "wow" sounds and other sensual moans from the crowd. You've been warned.