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The Eat Lions blew up my stereo last night. Some wastoid tim-warp seizure has them sounding like Mart McFly (sir Michael “tremble”J Fox) opening for the MC5; Face melting genre-collages, bursting celluloid solos, battlin’ drumma’ coasters and decimating freak-outs; all of it wrapped in layers of frayed leather, busted zippers, and skitched sunglasses.

Translation: no tunes for the faint of heart, mind, spirit, or stomach; Now if you don’t mind, i have a large mess near my stereo system to attend to.

The Eat Lions are: Tim Vanhamel as himself, Jonas De Houwer on drums, Zahnoun Ben-Younes on guitar, Tom Vanlaer on bass, Michael Vanderhasselt on guitar and Damien Vanderhasselt on drums.

Yes, we have two drummers! And you?