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duflan duflan + S.Q.E. (Silken Tofu - USA)

Night On Earth Records present :

(Silken Tofu - USA)

Not exactly influenced by music as much as i am by life and the images i see everyday.Doing roughly 90% of the production, S.Q.E. is where i take my time, and hand craft the work that i put out. Every idea is an experiment,I am a bass player by nature, have been sampling and processing for the sake of imagery and effect for years now, and recently have incorporated guitar and various keys for song-writing.The approach and reasoning behind the music may change but the moods usually range from dark to melancholy, to supernatural to just plain fucked. From beats to drones, dub rhythms to neo-classical harmonies, and minimalism to harsh noise


Duflan Duflan

Each night at the Pazuzu Disco Club, a secret temple of the brussels nights, ¡ Duflan Duflan ! make dance the addicts of Zouk music and Kenneth Anger with terror-funk and satanists-slow. Coolest than Chrome Hoof, funnier than Padded Cell, they propagate virtous properties of satanic disco doom, accelarated new wave & (un)world music.

Afterparty DJ'S:


LaserLove is the Dj alter ego of Laszlo P.S. (WERMUT, IWIK, TACITURNE) and is a sort of musical outlet for the “synthesizer trauma” caused by the first JEAN-MICHEL JARRE record he bought back in the early eighties. Expect loads of New Beat, Sonido De Valencia, old school Techno, Italo Disco and more cosmic synth space extravaganza. 


Le bal des mutantes ,La forme lente, Spielzeit Europa


DJ N.A.F., the official messenger between two magnificent twinning european cities: Anderlecht and Neue-Köln.....he usually never goes out from these two ones, considering the rest of the universe as total non-sense.....for the first time and for us he accepted to perform in a foreign city: Brussels ............
!!!!!Neue-koln Anderlecht Freundschaft!!!!!