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若潭 Ruň Tán (chn) | CZLT (fr)

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若潭 Ruò Tán (live)
Born in Nanjing, China and lives in France now, 若潭 Ruò Tán performs in different music forms such as noise, ambient, drone, black metal, field recording, tribal, ritual, etc. Deeply rooted in traditional Asian shamanic ceremony music, he develops his sound in a proper way by using overtone vocals, drone synthesizer / effect pedals and various acoustic instruments like bells, metal pieces, flute, mouth harp, wood percussions and shamanic drums. His work reflects the ancient spirit of the wild nature, but also a mixture with a post-industrial music form.
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𝕮𝖅𝕷𝕿 (live)
𝕮𝖅𝕷𝕿 is the solo project of Guillaume Cazalet (Neptunian Maximalism NNMM, Sol Kia, Jenny Torse,Aksu, Zaäar). After a first piece of 1 hour spectral music using plasma sounds from NASA and guitar installations with ventilators, he worked for contemporary artists Felix Luque & Iñigo Bilbao for themasterpiece "Junkyard", by recording deep drone metal soundscapes like SOMA’s work ( sunnO))) ). From this work, he produced JUNKYARD, his first album by combining the traditional classical sitar with a drone metal guitar approach. This was the starting point of CZLT project, now released by Ascetic Visions, WV Sorcerer Productions and Homo-Sensibilis Sounds.