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Dizôrkestra est un collectif musical dirigé par une équipe d’artistes (M. Wolteche, JJ Duerinckx, J. M. Balanya, J. Foschia) créant toutes ses musiques. Un laboratoire, deux facettes: l’improvisation sonore libre et la composition. Le projet oscille entre l'expérimentation sonore jusqu'au-boutiste et les rengaines bon marché qui vendent chèrement leur peau. Pour ne rien cacher : tout est permis ! Mais l'exigence d'écoute est haute.
Nous sommes un atelier de la Maison de la création, à Laeken, et nous répétons tous les jeudis soirs. Nous sommes ouverts à tous, musiciens ou non musiciens, car qu'on se le dise, tout le monde peut jouer.
Musiciens : anonymes de la Maison de la création,
sous la direction de
Michael Woltèche: violon

Jean-Jacques Duerinckx: saxophone

Guest : Mike Goyvaerts : drums

Starts off in 1963, first as a bass player but soon switching to drums, and plays for several years in almost every style of popular music, but little by little he gets involved into more experimental music, jazz, free jazz to end up, in the mid-eighties, as a free improviser. By that time he becomes a board man of the Antwerp Free Music Festival and co-organises this event for nearly 20 years. From 1993 to 2000 he also worked for the Brussels Inaudible asbl organising lots of concerts & performances on a smaller level in the Brussels area. And although he plays a lot in “ad hoc” ensembles, he prefers working with small units over longer periods getting more satisfaction from this “work-in-progress” attitude, ex. Canaries On The Pole (since 2002) with Jacques Foschia (Eb & bass clarinets), Christoph Irmer (violin) and George Wissel (alto & tenor saxes).
He also works with dancers, poets, performance artists, plays solo, shares duo’s, trio’s andlarger units with Christophe Albertijn, Jean Demey, Jean-Jacques Duerinckx, Sachiyo Honda, Philippe Lenglet, Tariq Maartense, Jeffrey Morgan, Mara Pigeon & Laurent Rigaut. Concerts, jams, & performances with John Butcher, Mark Charig, Jim Denley, Michel Doneda, John Edwards, Gerry Hemingway, Peter Jacquemyn, Bart Maris, Tony Oxley, Steve Swell, Fred van Hove, Veryan Weston and many others.