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Based in Brussels, DERvISH is a live trio playing groove and soundscapes, between Boards of Canada and Flying Lotus. Dries Laheye- Toine Thys - Pat Dorcean

DERvISH is a live trio celebrating groove, beat music and electrified saxophone.
Between Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus, Rudder and Dubstep…
With the great drummer Patrick Dorcean (Gustaph, Fred Wesley, Moiano, Marc Moulin, ..),
new wonder bassplayer Dries Laheye (Sir Yes Sir, Stuff !, Jozef Dumoulin)
and ubiquitous saxophonist Toine Thys.

Dries Laheye (bass)
Pat Dorcean (drums)
Toine Thys (e-sax)
Niels Broos (keys)