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Depotax [zolo]

“Would you believe it? I met Depotax a few months ago on a beach in... Oostende. Listening to his meta-language, I came to understand a few things. Omar Kabil was now back in Kabylia, his ancient homeland... A man of honor, he had understood that returning to his people, to the land of his ancestors, would be the most sensible path to take. Sisters Petrushka & Manushka, if I understood correctly, were back in Ukraine helping out their fellers enduring the war that was still going on. From the glow of Depotax’ eyes, I was readily convinced that he wanted to share his will again... A will of power, of verticality. He grabbed a piece of paper from his bag and wrote this word which he seemed to be so proud of: Evropa. He told me he had traveled so much across Europe these last years... he knew that naturally quite a few new buddies would want to join him later on his quest... yet he was – now – ready to play [zolo]. So I called my friends at Cafe Central, who agreed to invite Depotax in a blink of an eye. I was glad.”