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Hellvete is a member of psych outsiders Sylvester Anfang II and one of the 3 founders of the Funeral Folk label. For his solo work he draws influences from old folk music, minimalism and drones to make hypnotic ballads that guide you to the outskirts of your mind. After a string of tapes and cd-r's he released his first solo album "De Gek" on the Belgian Kraak label in 2010. For music people can go to or they can check out a live session I did last June for Dutch national radio: (You can also find a solo recording by Gregg on that site)

Date palms

Date Palms is the duo of Gregg Kowalsky & Marielle Jakobsons who create a sound of psychedelic minimalism. The two met at the Mills College music department, from which Jakobsons graduated in 2006, Kowalsky in 2005. They'd come from different worlds. Jakobsons was a conservatory-trained violinist. She'd studied classical piano and biology at the Cleveland Institute of Music, then migrated to Oakland and immersed herself in jaggy... electronic forms. Date Palms emphasize live instruments and old analog gear. They overdub on cassettes. They favor long, static sounds that remind Kowalsky of his swampy Florida homeland. Some people would call it "pure" drone. Kowalsky calls it "late-night summer humid swamp jams."

Honey Devash, Date Palms’ first release on Mexican Summer, is testament to theircaptivating skill for layering and balancing timbres into long-form, immersive slow burners. Astonishingly evocative of desert heat, summer nights, dry sandscapes of fuzz bass, fender rhodes, synth, violin, tanpura and feedback shift gradually like dunes in hot winds, as wavering mirages in the distance are picked out through slow melodies on keyboards, piano and flutes.