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Dalila Kayros + Xover

Dalila Kayros

A sound journey through the thin side of human experience that, 
through vocality and electronic synthesis, carries to an etheric-mental ‘dimensional space’ in which we can find a linkage point between active reason and receptive consciousness.

The right path is one. It’s our choice.
build to find, find to build. 
The following path is defined by clear steps.
The linkage point is revealed to the watchful eye.
We have to follow the natural creation process: 

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is an electronic sound and visual performance. 
Sounds structures are deconstructed to disrupt time perception and audio spaces, overlapped by generative visual textures. 
XOVER played in several festivals and venues across Europe, US, Japan and South East Asia.
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duration: 30’ 

Danilo Casti is an electroacustic musician and composer born in Cagliari (Sardinia island,Italy). He's been present in the Italian electronic music scene since 2000, starting his music career with hardcore punk, moving to noise-drone, glitch, acousmatic and electroacustic music. His music research ranges from experimental theatre, to contemporary dance, video and multimedia installation. Over the years he has developed an interest in real time composition methodologies. He has collaborated with several artists and he performed at various festivals of electronic music, theatre and dance all around Europe, USA, Japan and South East Asia. He is one of the founders of the performance group OOFFOURO. In 2003 he organised the festival EnToPan at the Foundry in London and Multiversal EXP-OFF festival in Cagliari.