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Comisiaros de la Luz (ES) + RAUM (BE)

Dark Techno / Post Punk



Resident DJ and creative director of Màgia Roja, a label and venue that many see as the temple of underground culture in Barcelona, Comisarios de la Luz has played more than 300 sessions in the last 5 years, most of them 8 hours long... He might well be the busiest DJ of his kind in Spain or even in Europe. His sets have made thousands dance to genres that are commonly kept away from a DJ set. Mixing industrial, postpunk, rythmic noise, ebm, tribal music and all sorts of unclassifiable tunes, he cons you into dancing on things you would never have imagined dancing on. Most of what you'll hear is combined deformed, looped, equalized and manipulated to a point that you might even hear familiar songs surface here and there.

Legendary for his iconoclast tendencies and his ability to mix different genres, he strives to go past beyond hedonism into something meaningful and ritualistic.


"Rippling Industrial"

"Massive in all regards"
Inverted Audio

"Psyched out"

“An Industrial tour de force”
The Brvtalist

Raum is a Brussels based DJ and producer at the crossroads between industrial and techno. He also plays in Orphan Swords and Figure Section. His DJ sets and live performances are always intense and turn dancefloors into cathartic rituals.

His first LP "Wreck The Bloodline" was released in late 2018 on Glasgow-based label Clan Destine Records. Lately, XLR8R has featured his techno track “OMELAS” as an exclusive download.

With releases on Clan Destine, Aurora Borealis, Onement, Sub Rosa and Entr’acte, there’s hardly a genre that Yannick Franck hasn’t explored in the past 10 years, seeking liberating experiences through music. RAUM is his sharpest weapon to date.

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