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... ... C.J. Boyd - Alternate Roots (Joyful Noise Recordings 2010)
This is a live memory sketch of the album "Aerial Roots", recorded at the CD release show of that album in Boone, NC in November 2009. This allows listeners a window into the subtle balance of improvisational and calculable arrangements weaved throughout the music of "Aerial Roots". (40 min)

C.J. Boyd / Andrew Weathers - Over My Obstructions Vol. 1: "This Voice Saying These Words" (Obsolete Media Objects / Full Spectrum Records 2010)
Inspired by the Danish film "Five Obstructions," the "Over My Obstructions" series seeks to help musicians create in unfamiliar ways by presenting them with challenges in the compositional and recording process. C.J. Boyd and Andrew Weathers each came up with 5 obstructions for each other--challenging rules that govern the making of the music. (50 min)
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The C.J. Boyd Sextet - Harbor Lost DVD (2010)
"Harbor Lost" is the second installment in the Sextet's "In The All Together" series, which is comprised of recordings of live concerts performed nude in atypical venues. The first of the series was the CD "Deep in the Outside" (see below). "Harbor Lost" is a DVD taken from a live 2008 show performed on a ship anchored in Rostock, Germany. It features Barbara Arriaga on cello, Keith Kofoed on bass clarinet, Gabriel Duquette on percussion, and C.J. Boyd on bass guitar and harmonica. (40 min)

C.J. Boyd - Aerial Roots (Joyful Noise Recordings 2009)
Deep-sea-diving for the hungry and alone, this album weds a dark minimalism subtle but inspired structures that sneak up and smother you in your sleep. Often flowing from singular, meditative bass lines into explosive, layered, and hugely complex walls of sound, this record burns with masterfully orchestrated waves of bass loops coupled with improvisational prowess. Utilizing bass guitar and double bass, with the occasional harmonica, melodica and some human-mouth-sounds, Boyd creats these lush arrangements that will send you dreaming. Recorded and co-produced by Evan Hydzik, and mastered by Sandro Perri. (44 min)

The C.J. Boyd Sexxxtet - Deep in the Outside: live and nude on WRVU (Django Kill Records 2009)
Recorded live and nude on WRVU Nashville 91.1 FM, September 7th, 2008. Tony Youngblood hosted us on ORE Theatre Intangible, a radio show dedicated to improvised music. He also recorded us, and mixed everything live. For the second and third improvisations, Tony orchestrated the addition of Melody Holt and Lola Wilson to the group, neither of whom had we (Lauren, Noah, and I) meet before the performance. CD was mastered by Sandro Perri. (48 min)

CJ Boyd - The Greatest Weight (Sounds Are Active 2006)
Dense layers of pensive and explorative bass driving a minimalist train through your gut with ethereal harmonica supplying drones. (70 min)

The CJ Boyd Sexxxtet - Fleur du Mal (Beta-Lactam Ring Records 2006)
Music for the bacchanal, featuring a bevy of cellos; piano, trumpet, calimba, drum, vocals, singing bowl, orchestrated by C.J. Boyd leading the group on bass, with some help from fellow bassist Nat Baldwin. This orgy of sound is at the same time passionate and pensive, sensual and meditative. (54 min)

Visions & Revisions: C.J. Boyd Remixed (Sounds Are Active 2006)
Music in the age of mechanical reproduction has the peculiar task of maintaining its existence as essentially process despite an overwhelming tendency in consumer society to consider it a mere "product." This musical project has among its aims the exploration and emphasis of this processual aspect through the creation of an evolving album-a "product" that changes and grows. Each song takes new life under the hands of remixers. It is available for free at, where continuous new songs and revisions of old songs will also be available. Since it is ever-changing, a track listing here is not of much use, but some of the remixers so far include: Eliot Lipp, Limb (By the End of Tonight), Sketches for Albinos (Matthew Collings), leaves in the fall, 247, Ellul, Blackat Sylvesta, Wick-it the Instigator, DeeJay Tanner, and CJ Boyd. (infinite min)

CJ Boyd - Public Domain (Caiaphas Records 2005)
This record takes as its point of departure the wishful thought that all music is (or should be) public domain. It features music stolen from a variety of sources, played on the electric bass guitar, voice, calimba, harmonica, and windchimes, with Sarah Tyson on cello. (74 min)

CJ Boyd - Shunpike (Caiaphas Records 2004)
A journey of acoustic bass guitar and harmonica featuring Enoch on saw, Erin Bradfield on cello, Libby Kirkpatrick and Morgan Boone on voices. (70 min)

CJ Boyd and Eliot Lipp - AN-time (Caiaphas Records 2002)
At the crossroads of progressive bass, instrumental hip-hop, and IDM. This one features CJ on the bass and Eliot on beats, samples, and keys. (50 min)

Like No Tomorrow - The Tonight EP (Caiaphas Records 2002)
Math rock or prog rock or post rock or some such thing, Like No Tomorrow is a rock band featuring CJ on bass, Zach Marvick on drums and Eric Beug on guitar. (30 min)

CJ Boyd - A Yes, A No, A Straight Line, A Goal (Caiaphas Records 2001)
Ah, the first record. Just electric bass, with the occasional Nietzsche passage. (65 min)