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=== EDH (Lentonia Records)
=== (Electro pop)

After several years in Germany and New York, Emmanuelle De Héricourt settled in Paris in 2003, releasing her first album Morgen and co-writing with French artist Hypo on 2006’s The Correct Use Of Pets which The writer David McKenna claimed ”has probably been one of my most replayed albums of the last decade.“

McKenna went on about the album, explaining ”Its bricolage pop was undoubtedly post-modern but not merely as a smirking anti-statement; assembled from uncanny samples and analogue keyboards, it is re-imagined 80’s new wave electronic pop, lounge music and all manner of dance music styles.”

Following up the release of The Correct Use Of Pets, De Héricourt released her darkest album Predature in 2010.

Now, with Yaviz, EDH returns to more radical sounds, offset by an accelerated melodic mastery. The album’s 11 tracks comprise a cabinet of curiosities with hit potential. EDH maintains a constant dialogue with the times, producing demanding music, both scholarly and accessible, synthetic and human, mechanic and sensual.

“Ice,” the first single and video from Yaviz is streaming now. Yaviz has been released by Lentonia Records. The vinyl edition of the album will be accompanied by a CD of remixes by Subtitle, UNISON, Stereovoid, Nicolas Jorio, Elmapi, Ricky Hollywood, Hypo and more.

=== VIDEO LOVE (Lentonia Records)
=== (Pop concrete)

Video Love's debut album Mon Ange is a unique and powerful blend of melody, driving beats and these found sounds and as a live experience, the duo's off-time sub-rhythms and audio collages make for a sensory pleasure bomb as much as they do for musical innovation.

Elmapi is one of the most enigmatic and dynamic figures on the French electropop scene. Born and raised in Corsica, her unique approach to music comes by way of an upbringing among several musicians and more specifically from the bass and drums that emanated from her parent's nightclub which she slept above.

Before forming Video Love, Elmapi previously played drums and wrote for the Parisian avant-rock band Ismuck and released the Elmapi album Arcane Electronique (mixed by Andy Moor of The Ex). Elmapi is also the founder of the Lentonia Records label, established in part to promote women working in the electronic music genre.

Matterlink's solo performances lie somewhere between a concert and movie-going experience. The "live-cinema" artist performs with thousands of clips from films both shot and found, mixing them on the fly with original audio attached. As layer upon layer of improvised sound and image are created, narritive strains emerge only to be submerged back into chaos. In collaboration with Elmapi as Video Love, Matterlink's sound and image combinations punctuate lyrics, melodies and ambiance.

Matterlink has previously worked with DJ Spooky, Andrew Sharpley and Alexei Borisov among others and is also known as the filmmaker James June Schneider, director of the road documentary "Blue Is Beautiful" about DC blues-punk legends The Make-Up, among several other films.

The collaboration of Elmapi and Matterlink in Video Love is a dense hybrid that mixes the electronic, rock and pop genres and is recommended for fans of Stereolab, Laurie Anderson, Stereo Total, Mouse On Mars and Young Marble Giants. With this project, the duo has brought their respective worlds togther to form a soundtrack for a new universe. Mon Ange has been released on May 8th, 2012 via Lentonia Records.

=== (noisy pop)

Limited lp on pink and white splatter vinyl. shimmering stirrings from brooklyn... diy artist Happy New Year - aka Eleanor Logan - has progressed from perfectly executed synth pop to a more ambitious, kaleidoscopic sound. A graduate of the brooklyn noise scene, Happy New Year manages to marry an out-side-the-box thinking with true expressions of the heart through the medium of pop. self-produced and awash with lush, varied instrumentation, her full album debut showcases logan's breathy voice as a tool to elucidate feelings that are sometimes too obscure to form into words. The underground pop music of high places, post punk influences and a sense of wide-eyed wonderment inform 'happy new year.' chimes, bells, vintage synths and an almost zen sense of balance create a truly psychedelic atmosphere here without detracting from the essentially heartfelt and extremely well written songs.

+ DJ EDH & ELMAPI (Lentonia Records)
+ DJ EKLA (Lem, Ming, Les Brochettes, ...)