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Bernardino Femminielli works in media including music, performance, poetry and film under the guise of a hyper-sexual, genderless provocateur. His work and character are a synthesis of mysticism, transgression, danger and pleasure– a detached crooner deep within a dystopian discotheque. Narrating in French and Spanish, from classical arrangements to brutal Italo-disco, from heavy cosmic drone to mutant industrial: his sonic ventures reflect his adopted personas. His lyrics explore an imagined illicit paradise full of excess, drugs, bars, pleasure, darkness and companionship. Much of his poetry is arranged using the cut-up technique and is composed similarly to works of transgressive fiction. On stage, the confrontational yet intensely vulnerable performer explores the rich and dark energy of French and German cabaret– emphasizing the “total” performance where poetry, music, film, and dance coalesce.
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RAUM (resident)
Raum manages the label Antibody, half of Orphan Swords and Figure Section, he also do researches about medical use of sound and he is teacher at ESRA Brussels.
His releases appears on labels such as aufnahme + wiedergabe or Instruments od Discipline.
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