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Antibody label night: Bambi OFS, Maltash, Rose Mary (DJ set)

BAMBI OFS is Cédric Dambrain, composer, electronic musician and virtual instruments designer based in Brussels. Dambrain’s approach to music is motivated by an exploration of perception thresholds, psychoacoustics, and the physiological impact of sound.
This diversity of themes is matched by a wide range of productions which include electroacoustic computer music, compositions for ensembles, noise, sound installations and, more recently, club-oriented polyrythmic explorations.
We are re-issueing his EP Kwon-9as a vinyl, along with remixes by Broken English Club (UK), Georgia (US), Don't DJ (DE), and Icon Template (DE).
MALTASH is lebanese producer Joseph Jadam, a core member of Avril Spleen who on this debut release fused a sick concoction of deconstructed dance music, darkwave punk and metal(s). A jet black sense of humour backs up the conceptual spine the release stands up with, one of laughing in the face of meltdown, not devoid of love but sick to death of false emotion.
ROSE MARY is well known in the Brussels spheres for her recurring show on Kiosk radio, her recent participation at Horst festival and her often unanounced yet always acclaimed apparitions in Brussels wildest parties.
Her fun and fierce blend of EBM, Synthpop and Italo Disco won't leave any of the antibody cats indiferent.