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An Ambient Evening : Hugo Ficher, Cornil & Fhex


Hugo Ficher is a Belgian musician, born in Liège. His work could be described as "terrestrial ambient", "living room psychedelic music" and "organic noise". The link between physical and emotive reactions is the most important point while creating his sounds. Harmonic or dissonant, minimal or complex, abstract or concrete, he's using a lot of contrasts but still have a consistency focusing on intuition. He is also known by his dancefloor project under the nickname Ucture.

Cornil (BE) is a sound diver. He’s inspired by soundscapes, mantras, transe ritual, concrete music and industrial sound. From ambient to techno, he’s sculpting sounds and shapes rythms to create unique and powerful trip. He also creates his own rituals with his partner in crime “Eliardo”


• Dj Fhex •
Early Nineties Ambient Dj, when we used to chill-out at the same time that we raved.

A moment to lay down and focus on audio-visual performances...