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Ambivalence Recordz presents :: Subskan


As they recently co-released the 80min [Sons of Retrocity] v1.0 score
for a French kinda cyberpunk graphic novel (,
SEAL PHÜRIC (aka Don Quishoote), SUBSKAN, and S-VIRUS (aka Neptunian8)
from Ambivalence recordz will bring ya that night the finest psychodelictual
industree's potions they know efficient for healing thirsty spirits with...
> Expect the unspeakable penetrating your subconscious with the right pain deserved
by your useless contemporary agonies... You know inside what we're pointing here :
expurgate It all & tell your mom you'll soon finally be sedated ! .::d{-_-}b::.

Ambivalence  =  ( aim + being + vacancy )  x  ( latency : valiance )

Seal Phüric

(dj-set) : 

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S-Virus (dj-set) :