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Adeldone (bel_others)

Adeldone is a band started by Leila albayaty, singer, composer, film director, actress in her own films, sound designer... Half French, half Iraki, once in Berlin she started looking for other muscians. There she met Ivan Imperiali, guitar player and singer Iquadro, a sicilian bass player named Peculiaroso and the Belgian drummer Alain Rylant (maxon blewitt). After quite a few nights in bars they decided to put a band together to play live and make an album.
So far Leila has released one album (Dans le Soleil, 2006), and her last movie VU received a mention at the Berlinale 2009, she composed the music for it, and she is currently working on her second album and a feature-length film between Brussels and Berlin composing the music with Adeldone.
Her music encounters a universe tinted with cinematographic atmospheres, at the same time melancholic, carefree, fragile, worrying, modern, soft, intimate voice, occasionally full of passion and rage … Its sensitivity recalls singers such as Laurie Anderson, Jane Birkin, Nico, as well as the Nouvelle Vague or Hitchcock’s films.