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Abstrakt Reflections Label Night - Brussels Edition


As part of their European label tour, it’s with a great pleasure to announce you that Abstrakt Reflections will stop the 26th of October in our beautiful city for a special Belgian showcase!

Abstrakt Reflections is a platform & netlabel based in Argentina, including +40 artists from all over the world. With a strong attachment to IDM-Glitch-Ambient and Experimental Techno, this familiy is “a creative space for abstract rhythms, otherworldly soundscapes and especially invention in electronic music today”.

Behind this community is Pablo Benjamin aka c0ma, an artist from Buenos Aires, who wanted to bring together this community by organising this European tour for the very first time. And because they are several Belgian artists on it, it was obvious to invite them here!

So we invited you to (re)discover our 2 favorites : Enkephalin and 6SISS + the boss Pablo/ c0ma himself. 3 live sets, 3 different universes/backgrounds, one common love for electronic music.
Join us for an evening full of mental vibration & bring your dancing shoes !



c0ma (AR) live set

The guy behind Abstrakt Reflections !
Filtered and artificial, a mesmerizing and destructive force – c0ma, going by the real name of Pablo Benjamin from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Starting out with Xynapse as a producer of dark and psychedelic electronic music, he changed his style and developed while experimenting with new sounds inspired by different sources.
With numerous remix works and original tracks as c0ma, it has become his main-project, pushed forward by lots of positive reactions and critics.
As a result of this, he founded Abstrakt Reflections, a netlabel releasing dark IDM and post industrial music, giving unheard artists a chance to release their stuff.


Enkephalin (BE) live set

Enkephalin is a category of neurotransmitters released by neurons during a painful sensation too intense. From this point of view, any music could alleviate the evils to which it corresponds.
Thomas Cordy aka Enkephalin treats the sound in this state of mind, he mistreats him, denature it, giving him organic basses and hypnotic melodies. Let your neurons enjoy this « Belgian Amon Tobin » guy !


6SISS (BE) live set

Belgian musician Peter Adriaenssens, better known to most nerds as 6SISS. While not easy to label, Peter’s musical style could (perhaps not entirely fairly) be categorised as glitch/IDM by way of industrial. There is a strong obsession with rhythmic structure, which manifests in intricate and dynamic patterns covered in a persistent layer of grain and overarching synth-based atmospheres. Everything is masterfully tied together through the subtle use of sampling and a clever approach to composition. 6SISS plays the type of music that is always in danger of crossing into the unfortunate area of well-meaning frivolous baroque. Thankfully, Peter’s meticulousness seems to always keep him on the right path.


Nidrev vs Tónlistina (BE)

To support the night, two passionate freaks will Dj after the showcase. From electro to IDM and acid braindance.
• Nidrev from Mentality, Terminal Techno and Kick Back
• Tonlistina from ParadigmCollective