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ASupernaut + Fitz Roy + Dj Mitch

ASupernaut + Fitz Roy + Dj Mitch




Reborn in february 15, A Supernaut is a band made up of 3 Brussels bred musicians, that has been brought to the height of notoriety thanks to its heavy presence on the Brussels scene.

Skinny gits rather than greedy buggers, eager socks- and-sandals wearers, branding
the Atomnium tattooed in place of the heart and sporting crotch high teeny weeny shorts, the spectacle of their Brussels' psychedelia is definitely worth the trip.

But let's talk music, and what can one say other than it does exactly what it says on the tin.

It's Rock, it's soul, it's Psychedelia and it's pure love.
Some harsh rock wounded by life, psychedelia that tastes like candy apples and love that will make your head swirl faster than a rollercoaster.

It's beautiful, it shakes you up, it reminds you of ZZ Top - only without the beards - or GrandFunk Railroad that's slightly derailed; in short it's a kick in the face with a big ol' cowboy boot.

But above all it's Brussels, city of their untamed rock 'n roller hearts, that their transporting music, oozing energy, contradictions, the fusion of what’s good and bad pays a dark and magic homage.

And as they say: "If it's magic, they must be magicians…”

Membres du groupe
- Thomas : guitar,vocals.
- Nico : bass, vocals.
- Jay F : drums,vocals.


Fitz Roy


Brussels, December 2015.

In a dark basement of a photographic studio somewhere in Saint-Josse, FITZ ROY lays the first stone of a powerful and melodious rock project. The band is only a guitar-vocal/drum duo then.

A year later, its bedrock takes shape as François Chandelle’s brother joins the formation, laying ambient elements and harmonies on the gestating punk base.

The musical brotherhood is quickly set in concrete. Despite a ten-year gap, they do share the same inspirations and musical interests. Directly, a firm stance is taken : « Our goal is to reawaken 90’s American west coast rock! »

Both of them had lived in the area, successively; François in Seattle and Edouard in Vancouver. The after-effect of a style that shook up and led their youth still remains.

Though the singer's voice tone may lead many to qualify the band as « grunge », FITZ ROY's sonority remains a subtle harmony mixture ; hues of metal here, hints of stoner there. Heavy and straight riffs. Rhythm is lifted up by drum beats bringing us back to good old 90's Seattle.

By the end of 2016, FITZ ROY finally find the bassist and drummer whom they will record and perform with.

In 2017, FITZ ROY release their first single, Animal. The band starts touring around Belgium and closes with a memorable performance in La Rotonde at Le Botanique (Brussels).

2018, the final touch is given to their debut album, Drops, recorded at Jet Studio and mixed at Rec’N Roll by Charles De Schutter.

FITZ ROY is the name of a monolithic rocky formation located in Patagonia.

FITZ ROY consists of François Chandelle (guitar///lead vocals///lyrics), Edouard Chandelle (guitar///backing vocals), Dawid Nowak (bass) and Francois Tshinkulu (drums)


After party Dj Mitch