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1929 est le nouveau projet de Manuel Roland, Jérémie Mosseray, Manu Loriaux, tous trois musiciens dans APPLAUSE, de la chanteuse danoise, Sisse Bro et du guitariste Ivan tirtiaux. Ce groupe tout nouvellement formé se distingue par une pop sombre et sensuelle, où la voix traversée d'arpèges électriques se pose sur des harmonies aériennes et hypnotiques.


1929 (one nine two nine) is a 4-piece group of experienced musicians based in Brussels releasing their debut EP in March 2018. Written and produced by award winning composer Manuel Roland, the music takes its quiet starting point in songs built around the voice and lyrics, sung with an entrancing, crystalline clarity and softness by Danish born Sisse Bro. Childhood friends and fellow musicians Jérémie Mosseray and Manu Loriaux contribute musical flourishes on both drums and bass respectively.

Stylistically the songs play with elements of folk and modern pop but also introduce various compositional ideas and textures, exploring sophisticated melodies with reference to the classic songwriting format.

1929 takes their name from an infamous book of the same title published that very same year in Brussels by three giants of surrealism, Louis Aragon, Benjamin Péret and Man Ray. The book was banned at the time, a period when artists were in the process of liberating themselves from the rules and norms of society, provoking debate and discussion around values which chime particularly with today.

Just as the music mixes styles, genres and techniques into a formation of its own liking, exploring fugues that turn towards funk and synthesized, processed elements, so too the lyrics play with opposites, juxtapositions and quotes – assembled like a puzzle of phrases and then fitted to the sound. The result is a set of lyrics that circle around psychological issues, contrasts of light and darkness, inner demons and the thoughts or feelings that find release only late at night.
Currently the band is playing live concerts in Brussels and has produced a live video, filmed in 360 in an old Belgian theatre. It captures the thoughtful atmospherics and distinct musical interplay of 1929 and gives a visual taste of their musical universe.

Live video ‘Again’