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Hi !

Through the years, Café Central became a major actor in movies, advertisement, photoshooting, press launching… as a prime shooting location.

Movie set, ads et, shooting set… You name it. Among others, we welcomed Oscar winner Jean Dujardin (Möbius) as well as Benedict Cumberbatch in his 5th Element performance. We're also famous background for popular ads, tremendous rock groups or singer like Lio, ...

To see the location : we are open everyday (except on December 25th) from 3:00 pm until 4:00 am.

To rent the location : you do your business, we own a bar. There are 3 formules :

• closing hours : you can work from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Customers are allowed from 3:00 but you can carry on if needed.
• opening hours : customers do not bother you and on the contrary you need some ? From 3:00 pm to 3:00 am.
• private : for bigger sets or when many plans must be shot, it could be needed to totally control the premises (no one allowed in but your crew and our staff). This can be done too. Please allow a booking of at least 3 months in advance as we show concerts every week !

Some extras : we know your job so we know you can need time (deco preps, trucks unloading, security…) and professional environment. We provide all that, tailor made and only if needed : real customers, real bar tenders, real security & bouncers, real drinks… Ask, we'll find a way.

Tariffs : Tariffs are bound to availability and your specific demands. There is an extra charge when shooting on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. We do not offer catering (but can arrange if needed), only drinks. It is not compulsory to consume our drinks but if you do so, those will be billed at current menu rate. There is no extra fee for your own catering. Students (artists or art schools) can address their project by email and, under certain conditions, they can shoot free.

Please discover our daily and hourly tariffs hereby :

Wanna look @ the fun of it ? A little example of the kind of sets we are offering.
In het Nederlands.
En français.

Contact and inquiries : Axel Neefs -
Office booking : + 32 2 537 26 16 - Fax + 32 2 537 36 16
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