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?Alos + Chinese Takeway

4 mois 3 semaines et 2 jours

4 mois 3 semaines et 2 jours - Cristian Mungiu – 2007 Date de sortie : 29 août 2007 (1h 53min) De Cristian Mungiu Avec [...]


Collectif Mental & Café central Proudly Present Tajak (psych, drone, space rock from mexico) Chaos, hypnosis, repeated chords [...]

Kim Ki O (Tur)

Cheap Satanism Records and Café Central welcome you to: KIM KI O (Live) + Lily/Pistols (DJ Set) + Vincent Satan (DJ set)    KIM [...]


Dj LovePills Started Is Journey into Black Music quiet a few Years ago in Bruxelles City. Dj, Producer And Musician He Rocks The Underground scene And [...]

UNREZT. w/ ...

UNREZT. w/ ... Fat Chance DJs Music Machine vs Dj Track Miyu FACEBOOK EVENT [...]


Maudie - Aisling Walsh – 2016 Date de sortie : 16 janvier 2018 en DVD (1h 55min) De Aisling Walsh Avec Ethan Hawke, Sally [...]

SOME NOISE & SOUNDCUTE present Jean D.L. & Karen Willems

SOME NOISE & SOUNDCUTE present Jean D.L. & Karen Willems ! Vague beats, electric humming, bells and dissonance all make [...]

Los Hermanos (FR) + DJ Lovepills

Los Hermanos (fr) :: Lovepills   More info will be added on our website and Facebook page soon.      [...]

Papy Cosmic

Come and take the UFO to join Papy Cosmic at Café Central. FACEBOOK EVENT [...]

DJ Johnny Haway + DJ Divorce Express

DJ Johnny Haway DJ Divorce Express   [...]

Geno-Side & FkL

Esoteric Techno from dusk till dawn w/ Geno-Side & FkL FACEBOOK EVENT [...]


Pina - Wim Wenders – 2011 Date de sortie : 6 avril 2011 (1h 43min) De Wim Wenders Avec Pina Bausch, Regina Advento, Malou [...]

Mathias Delplanque & Hugo Ficher AV live

Delighted to invite you to an evening dedicated to ambient electronic music with two artists for which improvisation and experimentations remains at [...]

The Cavemen (NZ) + The Permanentz (B) by and w/ Johnny Drunker

Pour plus d'infos, faut lire le nom de l'event ou l'affiche sur la photo de l'event. For more info read the name of the event or [...]

DJ VideLaSalle

Dj VideLaSalle au Café Central Vinyl Mix - Voyage sonore Perturbant, destructuré, ambiance, rock, wals, punk, électro, ringard...   FACEBOOK [...]

the second Belgian Punk Contest! PRE PARTY

the second Belgian Punk Contest! PrE PArty PUNK PUNX PARTY 101 % al night long AND THE FRONTMAN OF THE SILLYCONS [...]

Diggin'in the crates w/ Dj Pute-Acier & Bat

Diggin’in the crates w/ Dj Pute-Acier & Bat ✖ Let's see what's inside the Box ! ▸ BAT ▸ [...]

Inside llewyn Davis

CYCLE MUSICAL Inside llewyn Davis - Ethan & Joel Coen - (2013) Inside Llewyn [...]

Under the Reefs Orchestra (be)

Cheap Satanism Records and Café Central Welcome you to: UNDER THE REEFS ORCHESTRA (Live) + Cheap Satanism Records 9th Birthday Party UNDER [...]

Stacian (usa-Live) + DJSETS Froe Char + Coeurvert

BERKANA RECORDS present : S T A C I A N (Oakland, US) "Stacian plays dystopian electro wave from a world where humans control the machines. A [...]

BEM18 - Ftrsnd x Court-Circuit x CafÚ Central Contest

FTRSND and Court-Circuit are currently looking for 2 electronic artists to perform at Café Central in Brussels on Friday, October 12th as part [...]

BEM18 - Full Colorz w/ CÚline Gillain, Kunde, ToolBox

BEM is a 3-day electronic music festival celebrating the sound of Brussels +Info: & our iOS & Android app All [...]


CYCLE MUSICAL Woodstock - michael wadleigh - (1970) Le plus important rassemblement de la [...]

RPT ✢ Carl Lindh

Carogna Records invite une double formation des RPT pour tout casser:  RPT (FR) - Reaction Power Trio - nos chouchous d'amour - seule [...]

Fantomatic.Night VIII : Bootblacks + Living Temples + afterparty

Fantomatic.Night VIII ▬▬ concerts ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✧ [...]

Doktor iGor

Doktor iGor in Café Central (Bxl) --- some serious shaking READY TO HAVE A SICK NIGHT !?   FACEBOOK EVENT [...]

Alice in Jeans

Alice in Jeans More info will be added on our website and Facebook page soon.  Alice D. & Mr Gelukwens   FACEBOOK EVENT [...]


CYCLE MUSICAL Control - Anton Corbijn - (2007) La vie de Ian Curtis, leader du groupe [...]


1929 est le nouveau projet de Manuel Roland, Jérémie Mosseray, Manu Loriaux, tous trois musiciens dans APPLAUSE, de la chanteuse danoise, [...]

Weyrd Son records presents Sure + VHS from space

SURE. - Paris, France darkwave, coldwave, postpunk Musique sauvage pour garçons faciles. VHS [...]


✧ Mixsoup Dj mixsoup Bxl > Bln Mixes: FACEBOOK [...]

Los Hermanos Martinez Vs Dj Lovepills

Woop Woop des prises de catch au programme pour cette  RUMBLE NIGHT EDITION avec les catcheurs de l'extreme: -LOS HERMANOS MARTINEZ  Los [...]

Shutter Island

Ciné Central – Série Noire Shutter Island – Martin Scorsese - 2010 En 1954, le marshal Teddy Daniels et son coéquipier [...]

Searching for Sugar man

CYCLE MUSICAL Searching for Sugar man - malik Bendjelloul - (2012) Au début [...]

DJ Radon

DJ Radon (a.k.a. Ripit, half of Solar Skeletons, half of Fujako, half of The Angströmers) is back on Café Central's desk for [...]

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio (it) + Shazzula

Arising from the confluence of La Morte (flute) and Lo Spazio (lead guitar), La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio is an open ensemble that has reached its current [...]

Chanoirs invite CTL! + Lvx18 and secret guest


Fuckin' Fabulous Party #8

Underground Town edition ➤ Your ultimate groove experience ! ✬ Wondersprout vs BBC vs SaxMachine ✬ The three Deejays [...]

Le Grand Sommeil

Ciné Central – Série Noire Le Grand Sommeil (titre original : The Big Sleep) - Howard Hawks - 1946 Le général [...]

Some Noise & Soundcute present: SHIT AND SHINE + DJ SVN

SHIT & SHINE The musical brainchild of one of our favourite producers Craig Clouse and featuring collaborators from the U.K. and Texas. FACEBOOK [...]

Rusalka, MK9: Frequency observations

RUSALKA (Canada) Kate Rissiek is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada who has performed under the name Rusalka since 2007. Employing theremin and [...]

Le KaraokÚ Punk/Rock de David Morrison + DJ set

Le Karaoké Punk/Rock de David Morrison + DJ set David Morrison, le plus agité des tatoueurs, viendra animer un karaoké hors [...]

Soul Central

////////////////////// How would you ever break a heart, if you don't even dance the mashed potatoe? ♥ ///////////// Jonathan, [...]

Tzii + Bobb Le Chien

➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜ Bobb Le Chien [...]


Ciné Central – Série Noire Carnage – Roman Polanski – 2011 Dans un jardin public, deux enfants de 11 ans se [...]

Nuits du Beau Tas : Ze Zorgs / Stakattak

Nuits du Beau Tas : Ze Zorgs / Stakattak ZE ZORGS Ze Zorgs is a free rock band (sax baryton / guitars / drums) born in summer 2012 influenced [...]


GAMUT présente CHOSEN FAMILY #3 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Versant nocturne, amoureux et fâché du [...]

Demolition Derby

Wild Dj set night hosted by Johnny Drunker / Gamma Gt from 60's garage to nowadays punk ! Let's Shake! FACEBOOK LINK [...]

I'm Not A Fuckin' Birthday Party with Goffry/Colonel Sweetback

This time, Colonel Sweetback invites you to come at the Café Central for celebrate his birthday with his friend Dj Goffry. Dj since 1998 [...]

Killer Joe

Ciné Central – Série Noire Killer Joe – William Friedkin - 2011 Chris, 22 ans, minable dealer de son état, [...]

HIDE (Los Angeles - DAIS Records)

Weyrd Son Records presents HIDE (Los Angeles - Dais Records) Chicago's HIDE are a force to be reckoned with, releasing a steady [...]

Kollaps ┼ Excuseexcuse

✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ MUE presents [...]

Dj Jordi3000

Dj Jordi3000 Only Vinyl Dj-set!  Jordi G. est jazzman, improvisateur et instrumentiste (sax ténor, clarinettes, flutes et instruments [...]

WeMe Chicken Legs Party with STEVE & Fred de chez WeMe

More information about this? Just come you'll see!!!

African Space Ancestral #2

• 808 Bantou : On sent chez lui l'influence de Sun Ra, il est l'auteur de plusieurs Beat Tapes et remixes, il anime l’émission [...]

Fantastic Mr Fox

Ciné Kids Fantastic Mr Fox – Wes Anderson - 2009 M. Fox, le plus rusé des voleurs de poules, sa femme, Mme Fox, Ash, son [...]

Shutter island

Shutter island – martin scorsese - 2010   Interdit aux moins de 12 ans En 1954, le marshal Teddy Daniels et son coéquipier [...]

Some Noise present JESSICA MOSS

Cafe Central and Some Noise present JESSICA MOSS Montreal violinist Jessica Moss has performed and recorded with a wide  spectrum of ensembles [...]

Alexander Tucker (Thrill Jockey) + Xavier Dubois

Collectif Mental & Café Central proudly present: Alexander Tucker (Grumbling Fur) Originaire du Kent, Alexander [...]

Syn:haptic III

Happy to invite you to a third Syn:haptic!  This time, it's a LONG & exciting session waiting for you guys because we will invest the [...]

35 ans Radio Panik

35 ans Radio Panik avec des dj's, concerts, projections, performances, plateforme radio, expo, ... FACEBOOK EVENT Le programme détaillé [...]


There will be blood - P.T.Anderson - 2008 SYNOPSIS ET DÉTAILS Lorsque Daniel Plainview entend [...]

ASupernaut + Fitz Roy + Dj Mitch

ASupernaut + Fitz Roy + Dj Mitch   ASupernaut NEW LIVE SET WITH NEW THINGS  Reborn in february 15, A Supernaut is a band [...]

Verset Zero Vs Dj Pute-Acier

Central Live // Verset Zero (France - Live) Vs Dj Pute-Acier   ✖ KRAMPUS IS BACK // ONLY FOR THE BAD KIDS ✖ ▸ [...]

Dj Klectik & Djoker

Dj Klectik & Djoker Dj Klectik - - Djoker - Resident Evening Chaudière [...]

UNREzT. invites SKR

UNREzT. invites SKR Fat Chance SKR (Eclipse Tribez, RUN) Lium FACEBOOK EVENT [...]

Enter the void

Entert he void - Gaspar Noé - 2009 SYNOPSIS ET DÉTAILS Interdit aux moins de 16 ans Oscar et sa sœur Linda habitent [...]

Ka´to WinsÚ & Le Jour du Seigneur

> Kaïto Winsé & Le Jour du Seigneur [Griot-Noise Burkinabelge // Belgique, Burkina-Faso] FACEBOOK EVENT [...]

NŠgativŠon (Franck & Zapparoli), Marouchka dj set

NÆGATIVÆON is a duo between Marta Zapparoli and Yannick Franck. The project is a space where their mutual concerns collide and generate [...]

Mauvaise Surprise au Grand Bal de Marais Fumants

Le Grand Bal des Marais Fumants présente : "Mauvaise surprise" (Synthé-Tiennes. Fr)  Duo clavier/batterie/voix/chromosomes [...]

Caniche noir :: Johnny Drunker :: D'Joker & Diskkeuz

Caniche noir :: Johnny Drunker :: D’Joker & Diskkeuz AFTER : Le Grand Bal des Marais Fumants présente " Mauvaise surprise" [...]


Sch!ZophoniC will make you move all night long with a fine selection of raw beats, cosmic melodies, motorik rhythms & synthetic grooves. Don't [...]


I like to play music for drunk people Brussels enfant terrible and man behind the elsewhere compilations. Fits [...]


Fantasia - 1940 FREE CINÉ CENTRAL TONIGHT AT 20.00 - Selected by Bruno D.  All films are screened in VOSTFR Nice selection of [...]

Arizona Junior

Arizona Junior - E. & J. Coen - 1987 SYNOPSIS ET DÉTAILS Hi, impénitent cambrioleur de supermarchés, passe beaucoup [...]

?Alos + Chinese Takeway

Cheap Satanism Records and Café Central Welcome you to:  ?ALOS (Live) + CHINESE TAKEAWAY (DJ set) ?ALOS (it) Eclipses, [...]

Zarkoff (Live) + DJ: Muffin vs Le Laboratoire

Zarkoff (Live) + DJ: Muffin vs Le Laboratoire FACEBOOK [...]

Ritualistic Industrial Dark Tech by Vultura

Sound & Films  ‡ 🦇 SHAZZULA DJ SET 🦇‡ ◊ SECOND CHAPTER ◊ SPECIAL NIGHT Ritualistic Industrial [...]

Lisa Luv & Friends

Lisa Luv Hatecraft Freddy Merckx Mike DMA Shazzula Ladyshave Surprise TBC   FACEBOOK EVENT   [...]


Cosmopolis - David Cronenberg - 2012 SYNOPSIS ET DÉTAILS Dans un New York en ébullition, l'ère du capitalisme [...]

Jesus Is My Son

Le Café Central a le plaisir de vous inviter à son traditionnel concert de Noël qui, cette année, vous donnera l'occasion [...]

Ugly Thunder + Hot Mafioso - XMAS Special

Le Café Central a le plaisir de vous inviter à son traditionnel réveillon de Noël qui sera animé cette année [...]

Elzo Dj Set All Night Long !

Elzo Dj Set All Night Long ! punk - chanson française - garage - synth wave - electro - techno - acid   LIEN [...]

Doktor iGor

Doktor iGor in Café Central (Bxl) --- some serious shaking READY TO HAVE A SICK NIGHT !? FACEBOOK EVENT [...]

Cancel Mindning, HERMANOID & K-Rol


The getaway

The getaway - Sam Peckinpah - 1972 SYNOPSIS ET DÉTAILS Brent Magna est au [...]

New year eve's party w/ FkL & Reymour

New year eve’s party w/ FkL (be) & Reymour (ch)   FACEBOOK EVENT     p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; [...]

DJ Divorce Express vs DJ Sugartits

Romance Et Papillons / Conscience Et Désillusion Electronic, Sound Collage, Industrial, Dark Ambient FACEBOOK EVENT [...]

Fangs On Fur, Cheshire Cat (The Bouncing) + Afterparty

Fantomatic.Night IX ▬▬ concerts ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✧ [...]

Thalia Zedek Band + Prairie (Solo)

Cheap Satanism Records and Café Central welcome you to :  THALIA ZEDEK BAND (us) + PRAIRIE (be) + Cha!Selektor (be) THALIA ZEDEK [...]