Some noise present Niels Latomme (Beyt Al Tapes) :: Maurice Charles JJ & Matthieu Safatly

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Beyt Al Tapes (BE)

Beyt al Tapes is Arabic of the house of tapes. It started out as label to become a solo project which creates tape-compositions in which ghosts, exotic cultures and straight forward avant-garde appear—although the avant-garde is more about being caught in a poetic loop. It’s about tapes, hi-frequencies, sons trouvés, abstract synths, rudimentary vocal poetry and open concepts, but also about playing chess, obsession with concrete details of reality and chasing spectral phenomenae. Sometimes Beyt al tapes uses worn out bed sheets to make a point. Tagline: conveyer of general confusion.


Matthieu Safatly & Maurice Charles Jj
This Won’t Be A Love Song…

… et pourtant c’est par amour des sons et des mélanges que ces deux pourfendeurs cloueront le public face à l’imprévisible, l’inattendu. Électrique, abrasive, fêlée et obsédante, leur musique taillera dans le vif des instruments, des voix, des samples et des boucles.