NOE rec: 3 indonesian acts: To Die, Coffee Faith, LRadittya


Coffee Faith

Coffee Faith is an Ambient Drone Noise project from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The person behind the project is Rio Nurkholis who is a coffee barista, hence the name Coffee Faith which is pronounced as Kopi Pait (bitter coffee). Coffee Faith have been releasing may projects including EP, full album as well as compilation and split project with many Electronic Noise artists, local or international. Some of them are with Lutfi Othman (London, UK) and Jeliwan Tok Hudoq (Samarinda, Borneo).

Lintang Radittya of Kenali Rangkai Pakai

Lintang Radittya is the founder of Kenali Rangkai Pakai (KRP) which was formed with the aim of undertaking a variety of independent media based art / media development projects. KRP concentrates fully on the development of technology applied in various arts, capable of being created independently by its creators. This idea appears to see the development of the process of art form exploration using non-formal technology (un-common) was not maximal in its development.
Beside KRP, Lintang also run Synthesia, the Indonesian synth data base and documentation which you can read at


To Die

To Die is a stage name for Indra Menus (born as Martinus Indra Hermawan). The project To Die itself was born in 1998 as a band playing an off shoot of Hardcore Punk music in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. After releasing few albums playing Hardcore Punk music especially in split projects with other bands then it evolved into an open collaboration of musicians lead by Indra Menus (the remaining founding member of To Die) who play Experimental/Noise style while still taking the philosophy of Do It Yourself ethic from the Hardcore Punk roots they begin with. In the recent years, Indra Menus is mostly playing himself as To Die, bringing a mixture of spoken words with Drone and Ambient Noise. His spoken words are influenced by his daily life in a third world country, a personal view of his political stance. To Die itself is one of the first wave Indonesian Punk bands who write lyrics about personal is political.
To Die has been touring extensively in some places where there are no Noise scene before (i.e Sragen in Java island, Samarinda and Balikpapan in Kalimantan Island, Negara and Denpasar in Bali island) as well as touring in South East Asia and Japan. To Die also doing collaborations with international acts whether in stage or in an album: DJ Urine (a France turntable abuser, roster of IPECAC Recording), Sean Stellfox (US video mapper also a chiptuner), Inverted Scrotum (UK Industrial act) are some of the collaborators.
Indra Menus run Relamati Records, his home made Records Label since 2002 focussing on extreme/weird music released on tape, lathe cut and home made cd'r:

Facebook: Relamati Records

Other musical activities is one of the co-founder of Jogja Noise Bombing, a collective of Noise artists who perform their Noise in the street, set up workshop and exhibition about Noise. Jogja Noise Bombing also organize Jogja Noise Bombing Festival, an annual international Noise festival where lots of international Noise and Experimental bands play in it:

The other activities aside from music is the founder of Jogjakarta Zine Attak!, an annual zine festival where they do a zine themed workshop and exhibition. Jogjakarta Zine Attak! also serve as a bank data for zines in Indonesia:

Facebook group: Jogjakarta Zine


Night On Earth records
is an independent structure/label created 16 years ago which deals with

the invisible and the deviant,
the void and the love,
the parallax and the unknown...

we release vinyls and tapes
we organise events
we are you and us
we are nothing and everything
we are oblivion and memory
We are your egotrip's nightmare
We are your deviancy catharsis

meet us