N.A.F :: Laserlove :: Petite Fille Modele


LaserLove is the Dj alter ego of Laszlo P.S. (WERMUT, IWIK, TACITURNE) and is a sort of musical outlet for the “synthesizer trauma” caused by the first JEAN-MICHEL JARRE record he bought back in the early eighties. Expect loads of New Beat, Sonido De Valencia, old school Techno, Italo Disco and more cosmic synth space extravaganza. 


Le bal des mutantes ,La forme lente, Spielzeit Europa


DJ N.A.F., the official messenger between two magnificent twinning european cities: Anderlecht and Neue-Köln.....he usually never goes out from these two ones, considering the rest of the universe as total non-sense.....for the first time and for us he accepted to perform in a foreign city: Brussels ............
!!!!!Neue-koln Anderlecht Freundschaft!!!!!