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Indoor Pispotfest. with Red Baroness & The Murder kings (be) :: The Dirty Scums (be) // Dj's Yeti Popstar & DJ Videlasalle

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5 Years Indoor Pispotfest (afrerparty)

DJ popstar warm up 20h end afterparty at 23h om 27 /4 / 2017 indoor pispotfest redelion NIGHT (DJ POPSTAR was the first booking agent of the Brussels international reputacion of the dna punk ,rock ,psychobilly , rock & roll 1950 and new wave punks @ 18 platesteen 1000brussels belgium ) + '' DJ Videlasalle '' 
+++++++++++++++++ 35jears de live end greet streeppunk shows and Is the official website of Belgian Godfaders of the oldschool punkband The Dirty Scums. //// pre party end 1week after the show the band is 35 jaar on the cime 6/5/2017 @ 8700 Tielt club 77
Read Baroness & The Murder kings Leden: ~ Red Baroness: statt at 2014 wit oder members end nouw its Band leader. Vocals and bass guitar. ~ King Pieter: Guitar and vocals if the ferst show in 2014. ~ King Henri: Drums. + the Ghost King: invisible fuzz guitar