Idiosyncratics presents Operant (de):: Spit Mask (us) // Maze (dj)

Spit Mask (US, Clan Destine Records) is a ball and chain industrial project formed in early 2015 from Houston, TX. The band consists of Bryan and Rachel Jackson, both on vocals and electronics. The synth-driven pair mix early Industrial with modern machines to create a torrent of hate, love, and sex. Their debut EP, “Swallow,” released on Clan Destine Records in July, pushes the boundaries of comfort and is packed with aggression.

OPERANT (DE, Instruments of Discipline) is a vicious offering which exists in the darkest corners of power electronics, harsh noise, dark ambient and techno. Operant produce a crushed, robotic transcendence, where wounds in the body become gateways to other spaces; voice, synths and field recordings melding into ritualistic, rhythmic schism.