Nuits du Beau Tas : Guili Guili Goulag :: Quasi Una Fa :: Félon

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Guili Guili Goulag is a weird XP rock band influenced by african music, Kraut Rock, doom, punk ... and a lot of other things. It consists in a noisy harp, a groovy bass, and a tribal drum. The musicians were or are involved in various underground projects such as Duflan Duflan, Spoilature, Arts et Techniques

Quasi Una Fantasia is a duo project with the lyric xp singer Christina Van P in a Diamanda Galas style and the bruitist guitarist/ toy pianist PJ ! With videos of the conceptual artist Petermfriess !

Félon is the solo xp project of Léa Roger, the harpist of Guili Guili Goulag ! It sounds like an imaginery post-traditional music with amazing effects of distorsion...