Gravitational Pull (Cédric Stevens & Loran Delforge)

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The Project : Gravitational pull

Gravitationnal pull, is the fruit of a new collaboration between the two composers and sound artists Cedric Stevens (aka Acid Kirk) and Laurent Delforge (aka Squeaky Lobster). The project is based on the legacy of Belgian composer Arsène Souffriau.

Souffriau (born Brussels 1926) is a cornerstone of the first generation of Belgian electronic and experimental music composers along with Henri Pousseur, Karel Goeyvaerts and Leo Küpper. Since the early '60s, in his free time, he has independently been working in his home studio BIMES, where he has recorded numerous experimental, electronic music works of which most never left his studio. In 2010, Metaphon released a ’titanic triple-lp-box anthology ltd to 200 copies offering a treasure-chest of unreleased music from the belgian composer. During his whole career he assiduously kept on building a collection of handcrafted and extremely precise sound objects which were widely used in his personal music archives.

Gravitational pull’s takes a part of its materiology out of this precious legacy.
With the help of Musiques & Recherches Studio’s founder Annette Vandergorne in Brussel’s who actually retrieved and collect all these instruments after the composer’s death, the two artists started to bring all these object back to life.

The Piece is therefore, created from recordings made in Musiques & Recherches studios.
Sourced from a well of spiritual expression, the piece tends to blur the lines in between blissful levitating tones coaxed from some of this sound object collection set against the textures of analog modular synthesis. It aims to be a patient piece that will slowly unveil sonic scapes emerging from a distant place.

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