“There’s something about Music. In order to create music, one works.

It’s not fun all the time, but it’s great anyway.

And when you work hard, maybe you’ll get something new”.

Marc Boyd, 1982


Balderdash was founded in the late 80s.

Three friends each bought an instrument. Took them years to play them. Then created some music. Weird music. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. So they worked harder.


The band was long time known for their aggressive tight sound and complex structures. But the sound evolved. A couple of years ago Balderdash decided to start all over, from a different point of view. Speed was traded for fatness. Complexity for darkness.


Balderdash’s work ethics:


- Don’t copy your heroes.

- Sorry, no unplugged, Balderdash uses big amplifiers (compensation …)

- It’s only music, remember…


They sound dark, even pessimistic. The lyrics aren’t about the flowers and the bees. But playing their music makes them happy. In the end they’re optimistic men: it’s all Balderdash.


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