Kid Fourteen (LB)

Release Party Gregory Duby (be) FACEBOOK EVENT [...]

The Staches (Ch) // Dj Elzo

FACEBOOK EVENT Teenage Menopause RDS présente The Staches (suisse - garage) The Staches are two girls and two guys from Geneva, Switzerland, [...]

SEC_ & Francesco Gregoretti (IT)

FACEBOOK EVENT SEC_ & Francesco Gregoretti The musical meeting of two musicians from Naples: the reel-to-reel tape master SEC_ and the [...]


FACEBOOK EVENT From jazz to krautrock passing by soul funk & electronics. [...]

Inhalt + Luminance :: DJ Set / Afterparty

Inhalt + Luminance :: DJ Set / Afterparty [...]



Merchants of doubt - Robert Kenner - 2014

Synopsis Un documentaire sur ces soi-disants experts embauchés par les grandes entreprises et dont le but est de semer le doute sur des sujets [...]

Pierre Normal (be)


Radio Panik Soundsystem

Panik.Bars#4 Dans la série des Panik.bars dont le leitmotiv est d'arpenter les coins les plus subculturels de la ville pour [...]

Walrus [Kra:ft]

Wall [Kra:ft] is the musical blend of two friends active in the electronic music's world. Rocked by hip-hop, jazz and funk references, the [...]

Notre pain quotidien - Nikolaus Geyrhalter - 2005

Synopsis Bienvenue dans le monde de la production industrielle de nourriture et de l'agriculture high-tech. Au rythme des tapis roulants et [...]

NOE rec: 3 indonesian acts: To Die, Coffee Faith, LRadittya

FACEBOOK EVENT Coffee Faith Coffee Faith is an Ambient Drone Noise project from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The person behind the project is Rio [...]

Cheap Satanism Records present Pompei (be) :: Professeure Postérieur (be) // Dj Vincent Satan

FACEBOOK EVENT Cheap Satanism Records et le Café Central vous invitent à fêter la musique avec : POMPEI (be) + PROFESSEUR [...]

Discorder 2 - 4 Operator

FACEBOOK EVENT   3D production new order organisation_________ 🐍 LIEU NOIR (Paris ///// mind records - dawn records - envy [...]

Demolition Derby

FACEBOOK EVENT Wild Dj set night hosted by Johnny Drunker / Gamma Gt from 60's garage to nowadays punk ! Let's Shake! [...]

Demain - Cyril Dion & Mélanie Laurent - 2015

FACEBOOK EVENT Synopsis Et si montrer des solutions, raconter une histoire qui fait du bien, était la meilleure façon de résoudre [...]

Wired electronics modular meeting 27th

FACEBOOK EVENT Wired Electronics presents Brussels Modular Meeting Part XXVI Join us in this deep nest made of cables, weird sounds and nerdy [...]

Frites Langue + Désiré Costaud Selectors

FACEBOOK EVENT Frites Langue + Désiré Costaud Selectors - mix vinyles à l’improviste : post-punk, funktronica, italo-disco, [...]




Sch!ZophoniC will make you move all night long with a fine selection of raw beats, cosmic melodies, motorik rhythms & synthetic grooves. Don't [...]

Mr Stomp


Chris Marcus :: Mike D.M.A. :: Monolithe Noir & guests

Alan Deprez (666 ans) et Chris Marcus (69 ans) fêtent leur anniversaire au Café Central : 14 Borgval 1000 Bruxelles (dans le centre de [...]

Matt W Rose - Electronic Songs and Distorted Soundscapes (uk/be)

FACEBOOK EVENT Electronic bouncy beat driven songs with strong lyrics, distorted keyboards and some other noises. Complimented with soundscape [...]

Albalianza Collectif Vs Viktor French

FACEBOOK EVENT Come and dance all night long!! [...]

QU'UN SON IMPUR ABREUVE NOS SILLONS : L.A.Z. (Lostsoundbytes & Air LQD) + MP57 (Vaste Choses) // Dj's Dj Pute-Acier + Mika Oki

QU’UN SON IMPUR ABREUVE NOS SILLONS => Le pot belge des français 4ème édition!!     L.A.Z. (Lostsoundbytes [...]


FACEBOOK EVENT Doktor iGor in Café Central (Bxl) --- some serious shaking   [...]

2 ans sans alcool • DJ soFa /DJ Votre Chazam/ DJ Vincent Satan

FACEBOOK EVENT Thé dansant ce dimanche au central pour mes deux ans sans alcool avec DJ soFa , DJ David Votre Chazam & Vincent Satan [...]

The Lab FTRSND live : Airem // Dj sets by FTRSND Artists

FACEBOOK EVENT   FTRSND Lab: where Brussels' electronic music happens. Here it is! The Lab is back! We're happy to let [...]

Fete INTER-Nationale di touti & enzovoort... with Stel-R & Le grand Mechant Loop

FACEBOOK EVENT Fête INTER-Nationale di touti & enzovoort ;) feat DJ Stel-R &Le Grand Méchant Loop ... Music: [...]





The Flying Westmalle Lovers

FACEBOOK EVENT Après une séparation houleuse et sans consentement mutuel, il faut pas trop rêver, rares sont les ruptures calmes, [...]

Experimental Electronics III - +Nurse+ - Sublyme Diagonal Brussels-based Sublyme/Diagonal has developed his personal take on techno and electronics as an [...]

Atka & Athome

This saturday expect some tropical sounds, mutant disco, wave, global, dub, rocksteady and more with Atka & Athome who are 2 members of Pneu Records [...]

Erection Nocturn

FACEBOOK EVENT Post-Punk / New Wave / Electropunk / Punk Rock / Garage / ... [...]




FACEBOOK EVENT Welcome back ! You know what happen if you join us ! It will be LOUD, sparkling, Glitering, vibrating and a real mess A good [...]

Face Swap Central

🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃 Tiny beat of break and huge break of beat at Café Central 🙂 [...]

Aidons Antoine & Rodolphe Coster

FACEBOOK EVENT Aidons Antoine Producer / Dj & Le Pacifique Records Founder Electronic Music / Tropical / House Rodolphe Coster Known [...]

Crack Sunset

FACEBOOK EVENT Crack Sunset Chapter 1 -------------------------------- The finest blend of bass music - hip hop - grime - juke and all that [...]


More information about this? Just come you'll see!!!


FACEBOOK EVENT DJ soFa all night long at Café Central tonight all night long psych/disco/wave/afro/rock & more.. soFa has been [...]

Degurutieni (live) :: Matthieu Ha Soundsystem (dj set)

FACEBOOK EVENT Decadent Decay from Osaka-shi - JAPAN Degurutieni is a collision of soulful raspy vocals, junk roots, toys,horns, electric guitars [...]

Axailes Solar

FACEBOOK EVENT   Axailes plays minimal, techno ,tech house and psy tech. She is also credited with organizing some of [...]

Network - Sidney Lumet - 1976

FACEBOOK EVENT   Main basse sur la télévision est un film dramatique américain de Sidney Lumet sorti en 1976.   Le [...]


FACEBOOK EVENT Dj VideLaSalle au Café Central Vinyl Mix - Voyage sonore Perturbant, destructuré, ambiance, rock, wals, punk, électro, [...]


FACEBOOK EVENT   'Karolien Polenus (1979) aka NiXiE is a dj and music promotor based in Brussels, Belgium. She [...]

Radio Panik Soundsystem #7

FACEBOOK EVENT Panik.Bars#7   Dans la série des Panik.bars dont le leitmotiv est d'arpenter les [...]

Demolition Man - Marco Brambilla - 1993

FACEBOOK EVENT Demolition Man ou Le Destructeur au Québec est un film américain de Marco Brambilla, sorti en 1993. Le film a rapporté [...]

FkL - Electro to Mutant Techno

FACEBOOK EVENT FkL ⊣Electro to Mutant Techno⊢ Artwork by Yann Francescangeli [...]

MAD MAX Fury Road - George Miller - 2015

FACEBOOK EVENT   Mad Max: Fury Road, ou Mad Max : La route du chaos au Québec, est un film australo-américain [...]


FACEBOOK EVENT FTRSND Lab: where Brussels' electronic music happens. The Lab is packed with local music producers and electronic music [...]

Demolition Derby

FACEBOOK EVENT Wild Dj set night hosted by Johnny Drunker / Gamma Gt from 60's garage to nowadays punk [...]

RoboCop - Paul Verhoeven - 1987

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } FACEBOOK EVENT RoboCop est un film de science-fiction américain sorti en salles en 1987, réalisé [...]

Pilot On Mars (CH)

FACEBOOK EVENT Pilot On Mars Ce projet est né de la rencontre avec Bastien Dechaume (guitariste et chanteur du groupe KMA) et moi même [...]


FACEBOOK EVENT HosmOz SoundCloud     [...]




*** Stel-R BDay-Bash *** Feat - Protesta - Jordi 3000 - Seb Cat Rebel Up! - The Red Bambone - Dragan - Fernando Wax and Stel-R Start [...]

Curse of the Swamp Creature (1966) - Larry Buchanan

Synopsis Deep in the rural Texan swamps, reclusive and ruthless wife-abusing mad scientist Dr. Simond Trent is conducting experiments in his laboratory [...]

Desire Costaud & Frites Langue

FACEBOOK EVENT Selectors Megamix Post-Punk/Funktronica/Italo-Disco/Heatwave/Minimal Electronics/Dead Singers/More shit [...]

Viktor French

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } FACEBOOK EVENT Viktor French at Café Central all night long Based in [...]

Remember Djim Sokhna : Atelier de theatre (6-12 ans) anime par Abdou Sow // Concert + jam de Naby Conde all night long NOPP

FACEBOOK EVENT Remember Djim Sokhna : P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Atelier de théâtre ou lecture texte. (6-12 ans - RESERVATION [...]

ALEAs (Live and DJset)

FACEBOOK EVENT ALEA(s) is an audiovisual project, gathering illustrator Pierre Coubeau (FSTN), electronic producer François Gaspard (SHAKMAT) [...]

BEM17 - Electronic Jam

FACEBOOK EVENT BEM17 is a 3-day urban electronic music festival More info: All events: ======================= Hosted [...]

BEM17 - Beat Battle After

FACEBOOK EVENT BEM17 is a 3-day urban electronic music festival More info: All events: ======================= We're [...]

BEM17 - Belgian Labels Pop Up Store

FACEBOOK EVENT BEM17 is a 3-day urban electronic music festival More info: All events: ======================= What [...]

OTTO VON SCHIRACH - Hellhole family secret gig

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } FACEBOOK EVENT Otto Von Schirach (half Cuban / half German) was born in 1978 in the swamp infested refugee world [...]

Kid Fourteen (LB)

BANDCAMP FACEBOOK PAGE FACEBOOK EVENT Kid Fourteen is the music moniker of Khodor Ellaik based in Beirut, Lebanon. Between 2010 and 2014 [...]

8 Years of Cheap Satanism Records

FACEBOOK EVENT Cheap Satanism Records will be exactly 8 years old on Thursday October 19th. Let's celebrate this milestone with a party with [...]

The Lounge Bastard

FACEBOOK EVENT Jazz, soul, funk, exotica, etc ... for a better tomorrow.   [...]

Carnival of Souls - Herk Harvey - 1962

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Synopsis After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival. [...]

Abstrakt Reflections Label Night - Brussels Edition

FACEBOOK EVENT As part of their European label tour, it’s with a great pleasure to announce you that Abstrakt Reflections will stop the 26th [...]


SOUNDCLOUD FACEBOOK EVENT Music producer also working for directors and choreographers Dj set with mates from: Fiction Palace (new [...]

Freaks - Tod Browning - 1932

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Synopsis A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed [...]

Larsen (IT)

FACEBOOK EVENT !! YES ON A MONDAY !! LARSEN, from Torino Italy has in 20 years of activity released 15 full length albums and 3 eps, which got [...]